Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a Manhattanite in Paris (take deux)

Kate checks in again from gay ol' Paris. (for part one of Kate's adventures, go here)

"Bonjour again! I have taken my sweet time writing another post, for the uninteresting reason that Internet has been elusive. Alas, I am now in Lyon. But much has happened in the meantime! I had 5 days total in Paris, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. I walked everywhere, took the metro only once, as I had no schedule, time on my hands and streets to see. I ate approximately 26 chocolate croissants. I saw everything that I could, the Pantheon, the Louvre, a macaron place all my friends who studied abroad here recommended. At the end of the days, it was all about walking. I got lost, I wandered, I perused, I walked and walked and walked and walked. I think, despite the croissants, I may have lost weight. Miracles happen.

 View from the window of my friend's apartment in Paris. Lovely courtyard, standard. 
Pretty sure if you looked out the window at my NYC apartment you'd see someone dying or peeing.

Highlights: the Abesses neighborhood, just below the Sacre Coeur, great shopping. The Marais district, very chic, long winding cute cobble streets. Obviously: Shakespeare & Co, it was especially lovely on Friday since it's a British place and they were tres-psyched about the wedding.

Also, by Friday I was itching to get out of the city and so rather than going to Versailles, (I'd spent the previous day at the Louvre and was feeling like I'd never want to see another tourist again), so I went to Fontainebleau. It's another castle about 30 minutes outside the city. For one thing, it's free. For another, it's by a forest and absolutely gorgeous. Great walking paths and trees and nature and the estate grounds and gardens are super accessible and beautiful.

 Fontainebleau, the better thing to do than Versailles!

And the adventures continued! Stay tuned..."

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