Wednesday, April 27, 2011

in which our protagonist arrives in Paris

My lovely Guest-blogger, headband enthusiast, fellow-Quaker Kate has checked in from Paris...

"Bonjour! I made it alive to Paris after pulling an all-nighter for a friend's birthday in New York Saturday. God knows what time it is in my head by now but I spent the entire day walking the city. It is outrageously, outlandishly beautiful and infinitely walkable.

Coming from Manhattan, iPhone Google map in hand, I thought navigating would be a piece of cake. But then I remembered that Manhattan is on a numerical grid, it's a city for geographical dweebs or dummies. I got capital S Super lost yesterday, walking in big and small circles all the time, but who cares. I saw a thousand things in the stretch of a few hours.

Ate not one, not two, but three pain au chocolats. They're 1 Euro. Maybe tomorrow I'll go for a jog? Maybe.

Went to Shakespeare & Company, best stop of the day, which sounds lame since it's an English bookstore but it was around 6 after 7 or so hours on foot and in French and on no sleep. And it was Hemingway's hangout. I bought a book and they stamped it, tres cool.

Oh, and I said both "Gracias" and "Por favor" to my waiter last night at the creperie. Here's to a good night's sleep. On a Parisian couch."

The question is, Kate, what book did you purchase?

And oh the pre-several-time-zones-travel-all-nighter. I know that one all too well.

Closing thoughts:
Pain au chocolat! Be the death of me...

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