Sunday, April 17, 2011

photo of the day: Lindsu in Yeosu (S. Korea)

In another "one year ago today" post... I spent the evening of April 17, 2010 watching the sunset over the Yeoja Bay mud flats in Yeosu, Jollanam-do, South Korea.  Earlier that morning, I had gotten up at the ass crack of dawn after riding a bus all night from Seoul to hike a mountain for the sunrise.  Yes, I intended on watching that shit come full circle, baby.

During one year in Asia, I probably [intentionally]* experienced more sunrises than all previous years combined-- certainly something to think about as I am home and valuing sleep above all else, even though I am in no way under the same stresses I faced working in Seoul where I still managed to spend the weekends traveling and waking up to watch the sun rise.  Hmm...

*I say "intentionally," as I am not counting the innumerable sunrises I witnessed on the way to morning swim practices, as they were not quite appreciated for all they were.

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