Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rocks for Jocks and Critical Film Studies in Lyon

So let me just start by saying that between Blogger shutting down at the end of last week and my own internet failing for several days this week, I have been a very bad blogger. So bad, in fact, that I failed to notice that the internet/Blogger swallowed entire posts whole last week, including another excellent escape to France with our friend, Kate. So suspend all disbelief, ignore time, and forget that K has just wrapped her second week of a brand spanking new dream job in the Big Apple- we are going back to Lyon.

As is my gracious host Lindsey, I am an unimaginable archaeology geek. It's what I did in college. It's what I did after college. I've written stories about it, I might even someday write a book about it. It's my hands-down favorite thing to think about. Lyon: got it. Here are some pics from my first stop upon arriving in town, the Gallo-Roman ruins. I spent all day here Tuesday, and loved every second of it. I even tolerated French children on field trips. And less than full sun. But it was magical. The walk itself to get there was epic, not unlike urban hiking, but I think I might go back tomorrow.

So I love rocks. But my second love (which happens to encompass my so-called day-job) is film and television. So another pilgrimage here was to the Lumiere Museum, the house and collection where the Lumiere Brothers lived. They are the inventors of cinema and the house was filled with the first cinematography cameras and photographs and even screenings of the first-ever films. A very cool, very nerdy mecca. On the way over there I was listening to one of my podcasts about some atrocious movie out today and it was really wonderful, to think how "far" exactly storytelling has come.

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