Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Finspiration

Since a friend of mine recently (correctly?) stated that my blog is about pretty pictures and sharks, I thought I would do that notion justice with some more finspiration from the great white shark, with a guest appearance (well, stealing the show really) by the orca (killer) whale.

I recently came across some rather old news about killah whales killin' great whites in the Farallon Islands (that place I talked about off the coast of San Francisco where you can go whale watching and shark watching/cage diving).  While this particular incident actually happened way back in 1997 (is it weird for anyone else that the 90s are getting kind of far away?), the National Geographic Channel dug it up for somewhat recent use in their Nature Untamed series under the title "The whale that ate Jaws."  Basically, biologists have observed orcas taking down sharks and rays by placing them in a state of tonic immobility, and this one time back in 1997 a tourist boat in the Farallons witnessed this act between an orca and a great white and everyone was like "wtf?!"

What I really enjoyed from these videos is the description of the "LA Pod" of killer whales.  According to Alisa, the Killer Whale Biologist, "With the LA pod virtually every single animal has big chunks out of the dorsal fin.  Other researchers who have looked at 'em say, 'your whales look like they just got beaten up, got in a gang fight or somethin' like that.'  They can have scars on the dorsal fin, scars everywhere and chunks gone sooo I think they might have a similar history with sharks and this might indicate that."

Essentially, what we have witnessed, folks, is no more than a gang fight between the LA Pod Killah Whales and the Farallon Great Motherfuckin White Sharks.

I swear I work and study and have hobbies and don't spend all of my time making weird whale/shark crips/bloods photoshop things
oh, whatever, this is probably the greatest thing you've seen today and you know it.

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