Saturday, March 26, 2011

just like lions

While watching The Last Lions, I was blown away by Ma Di Tau's ability to recognize the sound of her cubs even with an incredible distance between them.  Like, holy shit, ma, that's really impressive.  Lioness of the year!

But then I realized that I, too, have a similar ability.  I can pick my parents out of a crowd based on the noises they make.  My mom does this coughing/throat clearing/honking thing.  If we were at the gym and she was in a shower stall, I could, with absolute certainty, pick hers every time with total confidence that I was not about to awkwardly barge in on some stranger's naked time.  My mother probably would not be too thrilled with me encroaching on her shower time simply to prove a point, but that's fine.  Point taken?  The ultimate is when we do not arrive somewhere together, but I can instantly tell that we are in the same place.  I occasionally meet the woman for a meal of food around lunchtime at the hospital in which we both work.  We come from opposite ends and usually meet where the food is (logically).  On a recent occasion, however, I stopped by the restroom first.  You know how this ends-- I immediately knew I was in the presence of my mother based on subtleties of her head noises.  Am I the only one who thinks this is cool?  I mentioned it to her, and she was like oh yea, nobigdeal, you used to be able to find us when you were younger like that.  In my head I imagine wondering off at the Philadelphia Zoo, probably within the confines of the reptile house (where we once "lost" my youngest sister and had to call security-- she was just staring at the turtles the entire time), and being brought back by hearing my mom clear her throat.  Really, what better place than a zoo to illustrate our animal instincts?  And it is not just my mom that I can identify.  Yesterday, while doing some work in the suite that my dad shares with several people (and others in the department stop by to use the suite's sweet individual tea/coffee serving machine), I heard a yawn from outside in the common space and instantly knew it was faja.  OK, so you are thinking that there is probably about a one in, say, twenty-five chance that it had to be him based on the number of people that would reasonably be around that part of the building and have access to the office suite, but whatever.  I am certain it is significant, and I think it is kinda neat.

I wonder if my (hypothetical) spawn will be able to find me in a crowd based on the uniqueness of my everyday noises.

Also, I'm pretty sure this was a somewhat pointless post, so apologizes if that was a waste of anyone's time.

Just kidding, I'm not sorry.  Let's look at some pretty lions!

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