Wednesday, March 9, 2011

hump day musings: on women... and wednesdays

Quote from a friend working in finance:  "Proof I work in a frat house: a girl was like it's women's day. My boss 'oh when I'm trolling 8th ave later I'll be sure to show my appreciation with an extra $20'"

Anyone else think it would have been more awesome if International Women's Day was today?  Women's Wednesday?!  No, just me?  Because alliteration isn't totally corny or anything...  And I never do corny things like use alliteration...  But I guess Mardi Gras was more fitting--what could be more empowering than showing your tits for beads?  Beads!

This is old reading by about a week, but still a great, thought-provoking read for those of you who haven't come across it already.

Innerestin'.  Many women have feelings of guilt when their work life spills over into the home- men do not experience this to the same degree.

I don't even really have words for this.  While it is upsetting to reaffirm that there are men like this out there preying on my insecurities and treating those of my gender as "targets," I know this is not representative of men everywhere.  Let me just say that I've had to remind myself that I have several wonderful male friends that I truly believe would never stoop to such a level of misogyny-- and for that, I am thankful.

Granted, I have no place to really say this as I am not coming from a background of Catholicism and the requisite guilt and shame... but what if instead of denying ourselves something for forty days, we instead just added a good habit?  Like forty days of consistent exercise or forty days of an extra piece of fruit?  Like New Year's Resolutions but better because you aren't fighting everyone and their mother for space at the gym on January 1st?  Yea that is pretty much a cheesyfuckingthing to say, but whatever, I have been listening to my friends' Lent-shame-rants for the past couple of days, and I'm tired of shame culture after living in East Asia.  Hypothesis: East Asian Catholics = most shame ever!  I hope that isn't a culturally insensitive thing to say.  I'm already totally getting in trouble for daring to suggest a revamping of Lent and shit.  Sorries!

Addendum:  Did anyone else know we got new pennies?  While scouring my pockets for change I noticed it- no more Lincoln Memorial on the back, just a shield with a "one cent" ribbon.  Hmmm...

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